Put Your Real Estate License To Use - Earn Passive Income on your Referrals, Worldwide

Welcome to RENA's webpage. Our company has been created for agents, who wish to maintain an active real estate license without paying costly association fees. This affiliation is ideal for agents who are:

How it works:

After passing your state real estate license exam, to be able to sell, you need to “hang” (activate) your real estate license under a brokerage. If that brokerage belongs to Local and National Association of Realtors/NAR, which is normally the case, all its agents will have to be members as well.

If you plan to be a full time real estate agent, account for those costs and keep in mind, that being a realtor, normally, means you will have no fixed income. You would get paid commission on closed deals, and you will not know if, when, and how often it will happen. You would need to have some savings to survive at least 6-8 months, and to pay upfront fees: Realtor® (registered service mark and member of NAR – The National Association of Realtors) association dues, (MLS) dues, franchise fees, lock box key, advertising, and other miscellaneous fees that are typical for this profession. Be prepared and available to spend hours for prospecting, researching, showing and coordinating transactions.

If that does not sound like something you would like or have time to do, but you still want to make money in real estate or start somewhere — you are in the right place. Because our brokerage does not belong to Realtor's board or local association, you won’t have to, either. Therefore, you can avoid those costs, and still can make money being a licensed real estate agent. Keep in mind, that even though you still can sell yourself, you might not have all the necessary tools (MLS, lockbox, access to forms, etc).

All you need is to be good at networking, meeting people, creating connections, generate leads, or simply have many friends and relatives planning to buy or sell real estate Worldwide. Having active real estate license will allow you to refer those people to full time agents and get paid a referral fee. It's a passive income without extra costs and hassles associated with being a Realtor®.